Raw Video: School Killer's Last Moments Caught On Camera (censored)

Mobile phone footage showing the final moments of a teenage gunman who killed 15 people before turning the gun on himself has emerged.

Dressed in black camo gear 17-year-old Tim Krestschmer burst into his former high school brandishing a 9mm Beretta he stole from his father's gun collection.

Before students could put down their pens Kretschmer unleashed a volley of gunfire massacreing nine-pupils and three teachers.

Heroic staff reportedly jumped in front of students as the teenager aimed for their heads while other pupils jumped out of windows to save themselves.

Dozens of police arrived at the scene but Kretschmer escaped and shot dead a gardener outside a psychaitric hospital opposite the school.

He then hi-jacked a car, taking the driver hostage, and fled to 20 miles to a car dealership.

Once inside he murdered two more innocent people before a gun battle began with police and he was shot in the leg.

After falling to the floor Kretschmer is believed to have shot himself in the head as police cornered him.

The amateur video footage shows what is thought to be these last moments of his life.

Regional police chief Erwin Hetger said: “He went into the school with a weapon and carried out a bloodbath.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

Reports suggested the slaughter could have been triggered by his girlfriend rejecting him - leading to speculation he targeted females.

Interior minister of the Baden Wuerttemberg region revealed eight of the students killed were teenage girls and two of the teachers were women.

"It is odd that especially girls were killed," Heribert Rech said.

The only words he is said to have uttered during the schoolroom slaughter were: "Are you all dead yet?"

Authorities said the Kretschmer was an average student other but a champion table tennis player.

According to media reports Kretschmer's father, worried about his son's lack of academic achievement, had taken him to the local gun club where he was a member.

Jorg Kretschmer is reported to legally own 15 firearms, which were all locked up except for one in his bedroom - the one his son took to use in the attack.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the entire country was grieving for the victims of the attack.

"Like all people in Germany, I find what happened today in the Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden incomprehensible," Mrs Merkel said in a short statement.

The shooting occurred just hours after eleven people including the suspected gunman were killed in a shooting spree in southern Alabama, US.