Obama's (War Criminal) International Drone Bombing

The video uploader's blog [starkravingviking.blogspot.com/]. Are current elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats, for the American people or are they for bankers and international organized crime? Are Americans taxed without any real representation? Is the US Constitution null and void? Do the CIA and NSA spy for international organized corporate criminals not for the benefit of average Americans? Do the international elite benefit for all out drone bombing and the killing of innocent familes and children or do average Americans? Should American taxpayers face sanctions for funding international terrorists and arming Al Qaeda (a CIA program)?

Should Barack Obama be removed as US President and punished as a War Criminal for ordering the killing of innocent men, women, and children? Should Obama be prosecuted for treason for enabling the banker and international organized crime occupation of America and other countries? Should Obama be subject to the full punishments that go with treason?

If Obama is arming and financing Al Qaeda while attempting to disarm and thoroughly rip off as many Americans as is possible should Obama be sent to Gitmo if he is not executed for treason?

Text with embedded RT video

Former drone pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel: Obama personally orders drone killings

Unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as ‘drones’,
are in high demand and are a multimillion dollar industry. They are
praised for not risking pilot’s lives and are formidable weapon – a
nightmare for the enemy. But there are loud voices that label them as
unaccountable killing machines and demand they be banned. Today we talk
about the drone controversy with a former drone pilot,
Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Black.


Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Black, a retired US Air Force drone pilot.

Bruce, you said in one of your interviews that the time it
took you to get from your home to work, to your box from which you were
carrying out missions – that was just enough time to put on your ‘game
face’. What exactly does that mean?

Bruce Black: It’s a transition from what, I
guess, you can call a civilian life to the military life, and in
particular for ‘Predator’ pilots, because you are living in a civilian
atmosphere, and are not surrounded constantly by the military, by the
war-time mentality. It’s an important transition.