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Beck's Hot List for June 29th, 2009

Today's Hot List includes the following topics:

- Harold Koh, recently appointed to be legal advisor to the State Department. Yeah "that" Koh who believes in trans-nationalism.

- 'Get a government job, and we'll wipe out your student loan! Hey, everybody, come on board! The rest of the taxpayers can pick up your tab for ya.' ;-)

- Why Michael Jackson's story is relevant to today's times, especially when it relates to his acquisition of the Beatles' music library. Hint: They had to offload it because of their tax bills that tallied up to 90% of their income. SHOCKING! /sarc

- Obama is ready to hop on the "scold the Hondurans" bandwagon and meddle, compared to his "we shouldn't meddle in Iran's elections" mantra. Double-standard? Hmmm... you decide.

- Janeane Garofalo's dismissing of the tea-party goers, calling them "straight up racists." So what now? The folks at the Da

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