Israel begins talks to enter free-trade zone with Russia's Customs Union

(Hopefully Crimea intervention will not complicate the signing of this)


Israel may join free-trade zone - Customs Union
The Customs Union, bringing together Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, and Israel have launched the work of a joint research group to study the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC - a single permanent regulatory body of the Customs Union) reported on Tuesday.

The joint group is comprised of experts of the EEC, ministries and departments of the Customs Union and the State of Israel.

According to EEC Trade Minister Andrei Slepnyov, “the task of the research group is to conduct a deep system-oriented analysis of the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone between the countries.” “The group is to determine which questions such an agreement might cover and outline possible approaches to the mutually advantageous settlement of sensitive issues for specific sectors,” Slepnyov said.

On the results of their study, the experts will present a special report and recommendations on the basis of which a decision may be taken to launch negotiations on a free trade zone between the Customs Union member countries and the State of Israel.

The EEC said that modern free trade agreements are aimed at creating favourable conditions for the further development of trade-economic co-operation. In addition to the classical issues of liberalisation of trade in goods through the reduction of customs duties, such agreements often include other disciplines, for example, issues related to trade in services and other measures of easing mutual investment activity, the development of cross-border trade in services, ensuring the necessary protection and encouragement of capital investment.

Voice of Russia, TASS


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Israel to take place in the Customs Union, which Ukraine refuses?

Israel is ready to take a place in the Customs Union, which Ukraine has so stubbornly refused. Israeli Foreign Minister and of the party "Israel Our Home" Avigdor Lieberman made ​​a sensational statement that there will be an agreement on a free trade regime. But the main problem is that Israel already has an FTA with the EU.

Avigdor Lieberman wrote on his page on Facebook, that "agreement on a free trade zone between Israel, Russia and the other two members of the Customs Union - Kazakhstan and Belarus will be developed and signed in 2014." This was confirmed on Monday by the co-chairman of the Russian-Israeli intergovernmental commission Arkady Dvorkovich. Removal of trade tariffs will increase the volume of trade ($ 3 billion) and investment between Russia and Israel by at least twice.

Israel believes that a free trade area (FTA) should give a signal to the business community that "between Russia and Israel established a certain high level of political relations."

The decision to begin preparations for the signing of the FTA agreement was reached by Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Economy of Israel Naftali Bennett. "I'm sure that Lieberman would have been very glad to have an alliance with Russia - said Yoav Peled, professor of Tel Aviv University political science. - But I'm not sure that the interests of these two countries are more compatible than the interests of Israel and the United States."

The same Mr. Lieberman recently said that Israel should seek another strategic partner instead of the U.S.. "Relations between Israel and its main strategic partner of the United States weakened, - Lieberman said, speaking at a public forum in Sderot. - We should stop requiring complain, moan, instead must seek countries that do not depend on money from the Arab or Islamic world and who would like to cooperate with us on the basis of innovation. " According to Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Institute for Israel and the Middle East, Russia is one of these countries.

"This agreement will be for Israel quite an important, necessary and sensible idea - said Eugene Satanovskiy" for "- But it is also good for Russia, too. But technically, it will be very difficult to do, because pf the main problem - which is the already existing free-trade agreement between Israel and the European Union. The Europeans will do everything possible to make it difficult for Israel to enter a Customs Union, due to political and economic considerations."




Below: Israeli sport of Matkot played on banks of the Neva, as part of Introduction of the visa-free zone between Israel and Russia was established in 2008, which had led to a significant economic boost in Israel.

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