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This is the true story of a young girl named Miassiz Sophat, who just loved dolls and who brutally murdered two people. And for over a fortnight had the good citizens of the small town of Lyposukkcion terrified to leave their homes. Little Miss. Sophat lived in a humble cottage with her grandmother Doomie Enmyvujyna, a local school teacher. One day this nice little old school marm didn't show up for work. This worried the principal of the school, a Mr. Diks Inurmouuth, who was known to never worry. Also worried was the 'ol school teachers new beau, a one Mr. Anul Sfinktor. Mr. Sfinktor was a hire for party clown. But being as the little town of Lyposukkcion had little need for a full time party clown, Mr. Sfinktor spent most of his days in the park making ballon animals for the children and occassionally touching them innapropriately. But one day the unhappy clown went missing. Now there

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