Jordanian terrorist viciously stabbed an Israeli policeman at Jerusalem, Israel.

Breaking News May, 5th. 2017 [1:26 PM[
Earlier today, an Arab terrorist who came from Jordan walked in one of the streets in the Old City, hiding 2 knives on his body.
When he noticed an Israeli policeman in a near distance, he rushed at him while pulling his knives and start stabbing him in his upper body.

The Israeli policeman, while being viciously stabbed, managed to struggle with the terrorist, knock away one of his knives, grab his private gun and shot and killed the terrorist while he was still on him.

Israeli medics who rushed to the place managed to give the Israeli policeman a life-saving medical treatment and he was stabilized and evacuated to the hospital in a moderate condition.

The Hamas praise the terror attack and called the terrorist 'a "Palestinian" hero'.

In a formal statement, the Jordanian government blamed Israel for killing the attacking terrorist.

* More than 70% percents of the Jordanian population are "Palestinians" and in the beginning, Jordan was supposed to be the "Palestinian" country.


By: Real Truth (163.10)

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