Scenes from Poor People's Campaign march Baltimore to DC, Day 1

From the 11th to the 12th of May, the Poor People's Campaign's "Poor People's March" is walking from
Baltimore to DC. When they set out, at least 150 participants were in
the march. A motorcade escorts the marchers, as not all can travel the
entire 41 mile distance on foot.

I caught up with the march just inside the Baltimore County line, just
before a thunderstorm struck. Most of the marchers piled into the
motorcade to a Subway about a mile farther down the road, while a
diehard contingent continued to walk in the pouring rain

At this point, the march is 12-15 miles into a 41 mile route that began
with a winding route through several quadrants of Baltimore. Expected to arrive in College Park sometime after midnignt, and continue to Freedom Plaza in DC beginning 10AM.