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Freddie Mac Official Dead in Apparent Suicide

This article is several days old but hasn't been posted yet on Live Leak.The MSM didn't see fit to advertise this so here it is!Enjoy.

Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the months before he died, David B. Kellermann -would trek most evenings to Freddie Mac's executive suite to see his boss. Long after other employees had headed home from the McLean campus, Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer, would remain cloistered with chief executive David Moffett, wrestling for hours with the difficulties of a company that had been near collapse.

Kellermann usually brought a three-page list of to-do items. Moffett was new to the company, appointed by the government after it seized Freddie Mac in September, and he recalled leaning heavily on Kellermann's 16 years of experience at the firm for guidance.

Kellermann was found dead

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