Driver Sought In Hit-And-Run With Police Car

Atlanta police are searching for a driver who struck a police car and fled.

The incident began with a routine police patrol around Lenox Mall on Jan. 31. The patrolling officer noticed a Corvette parked in a fire lane and pulled up behind the car to investigate.

Dashboard camera video showed a man with a shopping bag in hand approaching the car. When the officer walked toward the man, the man got inside the Corvette and shut the door. The officer repeatedly pulled at the door handle but the driver sped off.

The officer ran back toward his own car and followed the driver, but lost sight of him when he reached the entrance of the parking deck.

A few seconds later, the Corvette returned into sight, driving from a sidewalk onto the wrong side of the road. Then, off camera, the Corvette struck the officer's car, Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones said.

The driver then fled the scene. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Atlanta police hit-and-run unit at 404-765-2808.