World War II Western Front Battlefield in Motion - From D-Day landing (Overlord) towards Germany

Few random scenes ........

bren carrier sherman tank churchil crocodile flame thrower in action stuart honey commonwealth forces unit french resistance partisan de gaulle monty ike tommy lime cannuck yankee kiwi new zealand australian oz south african rhodesian polish free france operation command oberkomando der wehrmacht okw okh deutsche heer westfront schlacht kampf gruppe erwin rommel omaha juno sword beach bloody normandy european theater call tour of duty volunteer commonwealth troops landing invasion naval cannon royal navy air force pilot worldwide conflict calaise sherbourg caen falaise sas 101 st airborne 82 nd us army usmc desert fox bunker fortress avro lancaster glider b17 flying plane parachute jump territory elite marksman rifle man tankist manschaft ack ack anti aircraft pak40 destroyer hunter sniper urban combat epson english pom uk gb ally axis trenches spandau lafette tripod lewis mg gunner mortar team crash fail epic battle fighting bloodshed b24 b25 boeing 20 30 88 mm caliber artilerry fire weltkrieg film camouflage foliage sdkfz 251 m3 m4 chassis jumbo nebelwerfer rocket louncher uniform helmet equipement gear third reich militaria das boot soundtrack dark blue world song tactical manuevre churchill m8 greyhound gun camera railway hit kill score hostile terror hell big giant utah gold point pillbox shell boat maschinen gewehr thompson jeep scary sad deadly dead death typhoon pzkpfw officer crew mine kettenkrad usaac pow surrender m10 cromwell sweep medic a tribute dozer burn mauser k98


By: PetrWarry (856.84)

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Location: Cherbourg, France

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