We Are Turks, Not Arabs



We accept Islam as an official religion and we are proud of it.
But we can not make progress by manipulating the concept of being Muslim.
We respect other Muslim states and Islamic lifestyles but we are not Arabs.
We are a Turkic people.
We can not force our girls to cover their heads through religious, cultural and social pressure
and use it as the image of a Muslim state, like Arabs.
Putting them in burqa and locking them up inside the house is not our path.
I repeat, we respect everybody but choosing what to wear is a personal preference.
We are Kazakh.
Our people came to this day during the nomadic life by making no seperation between man and woman while riding the horse.
Our women walked not next to or behind, but in front of their men.
During pre-Islamic period, our women dressed up however they like and they never had a purpose to disturb society.
Today, it is impossible to have such a problem for our people.
Being a Sunni Muslim society is not a reason to intervene to people's lives.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan