Terrorist from the “Qalamoun-Rankous” Group attacking the Deir Cherubim’s Monastery of the Orthodox Patriarchate.

*Symbol of Hope*

The Qalamoun-Rankous Bandits announced the attack on the monastery and Syrian positions out of revenge for the loss of Qarah. Without protection provided by the Syrian Arab Army, the monastery would have been looted and demolished already.

This vid shows the Jesus Statue and the Monastery , a symbol of Syria, a symbol of all peaceful and hopeful people in Syria.

A thorn in the side of fanatic dissident militias, a target of sectarian Jihadists, Takfirists, fanatics and terrorists.

The Deir Cherubim’s Monestary likely was shot at woth Konkurs missiles. The propagandist does not want to be recognized, disguises his voice.

Primitive avenge because a "conquest" of a monastery gains no victory, an absolute snsless attack from a military point of view. The militias' reputation drops even deeper, if that even is possible anymore, after the attacks on Maaloula, Sadad, Bab Touma…

Taken from an older vid from 18.5.2013 , the situation of the monastery on a mountain, not the first time it was target of Qalamoun-Rankous militias.