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Facebook images of Palestinian detainees caused Global media storm

Former IDF soldier's pictures, depicting her smiling next to Palestinian prisoners with their hands bound and their eyes covered, caused a global media storm.
Arab world expressed outrage at the publication of the controversial Facebook photos.
'I actually took care of the detainees' says Eden Abergil, the ex-soldier who caused worldwide stir. "we always treated the Palestinians well,We never cursed, spat on or touched them. The few photos I put on Facebook are innocent and part of my military experience. People blew it way out of proportion."

Published: 08.17.10

Eden, the ex-soldier from Ashdod who posted photos from her time in the IDF posing next to cuffed Palestinian detainees on her Facebook page is shocked by the backlash the incident prompted.
"I received death threats from all over the world on Facebook," she told Ynet. "I'm sorry if anyone got offended, I actually


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