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BOB PROBERT - Never Forgotten! A True Bruise Brother!

PLEASE be advised! Bob Probert HIT PEOPLE, for a living! ;-)
Maybe it's just me... but, Ice Hockey Enforcers(see homicidal maniac with skates on for details! These guys just looked after the kids... legally murdering their attackers, that's all! lol), just aren't what they used to be! Bob Probert, half of the Bruise Bros Redwings Enforcers along with Joey Kocur... was, if I'm honest, a bloody nutcase on ice! Everyone has there 'team', but... he's missed... R.I.P. Bob!

A Few Accidental Knock-Outs!

Remembering A Redwing!

Added: Jan-20-2011 
By: The_Dogs_Bollox
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