An American Hero and Navy Seal - Marcus Luttrell's Dog Murdered by Punks in Texas

For those of you who haven't read the book "Lone Survivor" about a team
of 4x Navy seals who got ambushed by 200+ Taliban and 1 survived, this
guy is the epicenter of American Heroism along with his friend and
fellow ST5 & ST10 comrades (Danny Dietz, Mathew Axelson and Michael
P. Murphy) who gave their lives for one another. This story absolutely
gutted me and made me proud of our men and women in arms currently
serving. These boys sacrificed the highest price. I have the highest respect for these men.;amp;qid=1322818455&sr=8-1

that said, 2x little shitheads decided to murder his dog. Remind you,
he is a highly trained Navy Seal who has mastered weapons and
demolition. This is the 911 call which ensued

God bless these men and I hope they let these kids in a room alone with Marcus.

From a fellow Navy Seal FB Status:
"I'm sure most of you know about Marcus Luttrell. He's the SEAL who lost his
SEAL buddies fighting the Taliban in Operation Red Wing. Luttrell was
awarded the Navy Cross, and he went on to write a book, Lone Survivor,
about his experiences. To help him heal, he received a puppy who he
named DASY after his lost team: Danny (Dietz), Axe (Matt Axelson),
Southern (Luttrell), and Yankee (Michael Murphy). In 2009, four numbnuts
killed his Labrador puppy. Luttrell chased them down for the cops. The
courts are slow, but on Nov. 31 of this year the numbnuts were found