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3 teens are driving apparently lost, they come across this lady standing near the road. she opens the car door as asks for a ride, the 3 teens agree and let her in (notice everytime she looks at the camera the camera gets all messed up) the teens ask her what shes up to this late at night the hitchhiker lady says that she died 2 years ago, the teens dont believe her, the lady starts crying and points to the nearby road and says that's where she died. the camera zooms to where she pointed to and then zooms back to the lady where she takes her true form as a ghost...the car then crashes

the car crash was later examined by the police its said the car never hit anything it just fliped over, the cameraman lived the driver and passenger died .....
real or fake you decide...

Added: Feb-8-2008 
By: 3v1ld34d
Tags: 3v1ld34d, entertainment, ghost, spirit, demon
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