NATO attack was launched to rescue TTP militants

Islamabad—Military observers now believe that the NATO aircraft which attacked and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers were in fact sent to rescue the TTP terrorists who had been encircled by Pakistani forces near Silalah check posts.

The defence observers who are closely monitoring the situation told Pakistan Observer that reports suggest that Pakistani soldiers had encircled a group of TTP terrorists who had been active in the most difficult area where Pakistaniarmed forces had gained ground after paying much sacrifice.

According to a report a group of TTP terrorists who had penetrated from Afghanistan had been surrounded by Pakistaniarmed forces in the region on November 25 and were about to be eliminated from within next few hours. But all of a sudden NATO aircraft reached and mercilessly attacked Pakistan army’s check posts. Pakistani officials in the region immediately sent messages to their ISAF counterparts in Afghanistan notifying the attack by aircraft but no action was taken and the attack continued for more than thirty minutes destroying all two Pakistan check posts in the area.

It is no secret that TTP terrorists leaders, Waliur Rehman and Mullah Fazlullah are residing across the border in Kunar and Nuristan and had recently vowed to return to Pakistan to carry out more terrorist attacks inside Pakistan.

Afghan monitors also say that anti-Pakistan Afghan commanders have been deployed along Pak-Afghan borders across Mohamand Agency where Pakistani armed forces had launched two operations against terrorists causing considerable casualties to the militants.

Afghan monitors believe that at least two Afghan military officials who have direct or indirect links had been posted in the region. These two Afghan military officials Brig. Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel and Colonel Numan Hatifi (of 201st Silab Corps) are known for their anti-Pakistan sentiments and links with elements aiming to malign Pakistan.

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