Update: Cleaner's Foot Amputated after Mall Escalator Accident



A cleaner's foot was amputated after it became stuck into a shopping mall escalator in Shanghai on Sunday.

The cleaner, 35-year-old Zhang Shisheng, was cleaning the escalator on Saturday evening in Shanghai's Cloud Nine Shopping Mall.

Surveillance video showed Zhang put a mop at the joint of the top platform to sweep the steps. He stepped on the mop and it suddenly became stuck in the space between steps and the top platform. As a result, the step flipped up, and his left leg was drawn inside.

Zhang was able to stop the escalator by hitting the red emergency button and was freed by firefighters around 20 minutes later. He was sent to a local hospital where his foot was amputated.

"I fell forward, and the escalator was running. It suddenly pulled my feet inside. As I work with escalators, I knew to press the red button," recalled Zhang, who had been working at the mall for less than three months.

The escalator was produced in 2004 and had passed its latest safety check this June, according to the shopping mall.

"We reached the scene as quickly as possible. We conducted an on-site investigation on the escalator and its maintenance. We also looked the video of the escalator and its documentation. It has been condoned off right now. The accident is still under investigation," said Li Hui, an officer from Market Monitoring Bureau of Shanghai's Changning District.