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+++ urgent +++ Why USA is backing down +++ urgent +++
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Joseph Francis Dunford, Jr. (US Marine corps general - no gay)

American Patriot? A new Smedley Darlington Butler (no gay)?

Is the US backing down or is the US military giving Russia a free hand?
Is a military coup finally underway in the United States? There are clear
signs of that. It seems like the US-marine corps and US top brass are
in contact with the US and China about the ongoing power shift and the final
cutthroat operations inside the US to finally hunt down the jewish cabale
that is rotting the USA since 100 years or so from the inside.

Since yesterday the FED is not available under but

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Added: Oct-15-2015 Occurred On: Oct-15-2015
By: Pissrael nomore
Tags: US coup, endo of fed, dunford, smedley butler
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