Alaska rappers stopped while performing at Fairbanks fair claim to be victims of racism by fair management

What began as a normal evening of scheduled performances at the annual Tanana Valley State Fair in Fairbanks Thursday ended in dramatic fashion when the final act, Bishop Slice, a.k.a. Julian Lillie, and Starbuks, a.k.a. Michael Cofey, both well-known Fairbanks rappers was cut short, and the performers were kicked off the fairgrounds. Lillie said in a phone interview Friday, “They told him to cut me off.”Shortly after the sound was cut, a few fans began shouting “Bishop Slice, Bishop Slice.” They were promptly scolded by Joyce Whitehorn, the fair’s general manager, who said, “knock it off, all of you, or you’ll be eighty-sixed out of here.” Lillie recorded the incident and has now posted the video on-line.



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