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Greatest Olympic Moment (Jesse Owens & Luz Long) 1936

Olympic Games, Berlin 1936


Carl Ludwig "Lutz" Long (27 April 1913 -- 13 July 1943)
A German Olympic long-jumper at the 1936 Olympic games in Germany.
In the long jump event, Long had already qualified for the finals while Jesse Owens his main rival was struggling to qualify into the finals and had failed 2 jumps (no jumps) with one last jump remaining.

Luz Long in strength of goodwill and friendship advised Jesse Owens to try and jump
from a spot several inches behind the take-off board so as not to be disqualified for his last jump. Jesse Owens took his advice and qualified. Owens went on and defeated Luz Long in the finals to take the gold and to the dismay of Hitler.
Luz Long went on to congratulate him and did a victory lap with Jesse Owens with the overwhelmingly partisan crowd watching and cheering at the
height of the Aryan gospel by Hitler. Such c

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