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It’s not just ACORN: La Raza partner caught red-handed

Voter fraud is running amok in this election. From Nevada to Ohio to Missouri to Indiana to Connecticut, and, now, to Florida. ACORN has been involved in most of these cases, but that isn't the only organization that's been violating election law and stiffing the American people.

In the following video, shot after a recent Citizenship Ceremony here in South Florida, two Democracia USA canvassers are caught red handed tampering with Florida Voter Registration Forms:

The man caught tampering with the forms is asked what he's doing and he states that he is simply putting in his canvas ID number and Location at the tops of the forms. Obviously, from the video you can tell that this is not the case and that the man is filling in parts of the forms and checking boxes in same that he has no legal authority or right to do so. You can view the Florida Voter Registration Form right here and

Added: Oct-9-2008 
By: Hypnojive
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