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k9+India+kids= A. kill them all. B. they just need more love

In February 2007, a young child was killed by stray dogs in Bangalore. This was the second such incident witnessed by the city, and it set off an uproar of paranoia. The city is now strongly divided into two opposing camps -- those who want all dogs to be killed and those who defend stray dogs tooth and nail.

We saw clearly, when we visited the site of the incident, that this was an accident specific to the circumstances of this area. The character of all stray dogs can in no way be established on the basis of this particular incident, and there is no need to distort this particular situation to overemphasize the general affectionate nature we see in the stray dogs all around us. We must recognize that there is a whole world of factors contributing to the occurrence of this incident, and be sensitive to subtleties that this film cannot capture.

Added: Mar-31-2007 
By: aliveleak
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