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(documentary) Colombia - "La Sierra" (2005) (Part 2/4)

Award winning documentary. 'In the past decade over 35,000 people have been killed in Colombia's bloody civil conflict. The fourty-year-old conflict has slowly moved from the jungles to cities such as Medellin, where urban gangs aligned themselves either with leftist guerillas or right-wing paramilitary groups. In January 2003, when filming began on this project, these rival factions were fighting for control of the poor hillside neighborhoods of Medellin...'

"LA SIERRA traces a year in the life of three young people in a Medellin barrio: Edison, the charismatic gang leader and playboy who has fathered six children with six different women; Cielo, a widowed mother with a paramilitary boyfriend in jail, as she struggles to avoid becoming a prostitute; and Jesus, a young gangster whose readiness for death fuses with his indulgence in drugs.

Produced by Colombia-based photojournalist

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