CIA, Drugs, 14 y/o Hookers, Assassinations?

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If US elected officials were facilitating police officers hanging out with 14 year old prostitutes, having them ride around in their cars, and were partnering with drug dealers selling heroin and crack cocaine, would you be okay with that? If the money collected from the drug trade on US streets pays for CIA assassinations, torture, black operations, retaliation, court case rigging, and the installing of puppet governments worldwide, wouldn't you want to call someone and say, "Stop" and tell them what you think?

Please call and tell them what you think.

Connecticut Republican State Senators Tony Guglielmo and John Kissel have had citizens tell them about police and judicial misconduct and political public corruption. Instead of siding with preventing children from being exposed to hard drugs, preventing crime, bolstering families, the economy, and acting in the best interest of the public, these politicians gave citizens' names to police who informed them and others of the truth. Citizens are then placed on the Secret Police "Enemies List" and arrested on sight.

Citizens are more likely to be arrested and go to prison for complaining about police being complicit with prostitution, crime, and hard drug dealing than if the citizen sold hard drugs and worked as a pimp prostituting young teen girls. That is if the pimps and drug dealers were partners with police, not competition for their "preferred criminals".

I wrote respectful letters to Kissel and Guglielmo, proposed legislation, Civilian Oversight of Police and court reform. I wrote letters to the editor. Connecticut State Police followed me around, terrorized me, threatened me, and told me that if I didn't shut up and leave the state I would be arrested, lose contact with my daughter, and be put in prison. I hadn't been charged with anything, and did get a year in prison for resisting being beaten up on my own property by a police informant spraying him with pepper spray.

Chris Kennedy informed both senators of judicial and police corruption and faced 30 years in prison for checking the wrong box on a court financial form. Don Christmas faced a year and half in prison for trying to evict a 14 year prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield Connecticut Police officer, and the prostitute's mother. Check above link.
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By: SvenVonErick (1758.02)

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