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NASA Had To Respond To The 2012 Fears - Atrocious & Shameful To The Instigators.

I'm sorry. I ranted a little in the last vid upload! But kids, and the less able minded, DID commit suicide through fear of the doomsday idiots claiming 2012 (23rd, 21st, 19th December... take your pick?) That's WRONG!
The bull is starting to seep through again. WHY?
Are you earning money through furthering sickminded peoples book sales? Do you believe that it will happen? Seriously... which of the 113(at the last count!!!!) extremes will befall us? I'm really desparate to know?

My daughter returned home from school yesterday, asking "Is the world going to end next year?"

I wish people would put money where their mouth is? If it doesn't end... do you get a financial penalty? If it does... you have your moral highground to look down upon the rest of us, surely? Or is it an 'if/and, or maybe', that no0-one can rub your nose in, when it DEFINITELY DOESN'T!?

The world will end whe

Added: Nov-10-2010 
By: The_Dogs_Bollox
Tags: 2012, doom, sayers, idiots, portents, horror, fear, mongers, kids, suicide, monsters, 23rd december, knuckle-shuffling arsewipes
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