Ukraine War Transcarpathia Western Front

A second front in the Ukraine war could very well be opening.
In Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia Oblast) live ethnic Ruthenians/Rus and Hungarians, the majority of these people do not consider themselves to be Ukrainian and have been demanding autonomy from Ukraine.
On August 8th in Budapest Hungary, the Congress of the Ruthenian and the Hungarian community of Transcarpathia Coordinating Council was established.

It issued an appeal to the world community. In particular the EU, UN, Russia, Hungary, United States, to recognize the results of the 1991 referendums of the Transcarpathian regional and Beregovo district, which proposed the formation of federal autonomous status for the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine's.
At the same time the Congress called for the means to prevent the genocide of the Ruthenians and
Hungarians living in the region by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev.
Protests against the draft and against Kiev governmental authority have been recently held in the area. In the past week the local Ukrainian SBU (security) office has been attacked and the Recruitment Center has suffered a fire.

In response the Ukrainian military unit in Mukachevo, airlifted a half thousand Ukrainian military. The government of the region believe that their appearance is connected with the struggle for autonomy activists Carpathian Ruthenia.

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