Dad Charged With Stalking Daughter

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A teenage daughter can bring out the protective side in any father.
But a Florida man is accused of taking his parental concern too far after being charged with stalking his own child.
Dennis Hobbs, 59, is barred by a restraining order from going near his 19-year-old daughter now.
Police said they found a loaded gun, a video camera, a wig and a notebook detailing his daughter's whereabouts in Hobbs' car.
Hobbs was dressed in black and had painted his face black, police said.
He was arrested after being spotted driving slowly around a women's shelter where his daughter told police she had taken refuge out of fear of an overly protective and religious father who disapproved of her relationship with her boyfriend.
Hobbs' attorney called it a case of a concerned father worried about his daughter living in a high-crime neighborhood.
According to the police report, Hobbs sent his daughter several e-mails prior to his arrest.
One read, "I love you, but there is no loving way to do what I must."
When he was arrested, Hobbs told police, "You just signed her death certificate."