88 year old HERO kicks ass on 4 guys robbing his safe.

The hunt is on for four suspects who tried to rob a senior citizen in New Jersey.

But as CBS 2 HD found out, the feisty 88-year-old fought back and stopped the thieves from taking his property.

Biagio Sciscione may have trouble walking, but the four thugs who tried to steal his safe filled with jewelry should have known better than to mess with him.

"I ran down the stairs, here," Sciscione said, showing CBS 2 HD the site of the encounter. "Coming down stairs, here they were -- one woman here, one on the other side.

"The guy pushed me; I gave him a sock … a good sock and he stood there and looked at me. I said you're gonna get some more if you don't drop that safe."

The thieves dropped the safe all right and took off running after coming face-to-face with a feisty World War II vet.

"I got my safe -- my property," Sciscione said.

It all happened on Sunday when the Scisciones invited a woman claiming to be from a church into their home. Since Sciscione is in a wheelchair and uses a cane, she must have thought he was good target.

"It hit me so hard …I was like a maniac," Sciscione said.

Sciscione wasn't fooled by the distraction in the kitchen. He walked into the living room, peered out the window and noticed three people walking away with his safe. That's when he sprung into action.

"When I saw that I immediately got up like this. I ran to the door and dropped the cane," he said.

Maria Sciscione said her husband not only slapped around the thieves, but he taunted them as well.

"He was messing around with them," Maria Sciscione said.

Biagio then described further what went down.

"She scratched me with her nails, ripped my shirt, my buttons. I kept spreading them away from me," he said.

Because of the brawl police have evidence, including a hair fiber and good descriptions.

Detective Sgt. Timothy Dowd of the Kenilworth Police Department said Biagio Sciscione basically did their job for them.

"We've got some good leads from witnesses and Mr. Sciscione was excellent and gave us a good description of the people," Det. Sgt. Dowd said.

Sciscione said a higher power was at work that day.

"The Lord was with me. I have him here all the time," he said.

Even though this could have been much worse. This former butcher said he'd fight the thieves all over again.

Police said they plan on releasing sketches of the suspects by the end of the week.
- video encodings still in process -