How and why are artillery shells landing in Donetsk and Avdeevka - Denis Seleznev [ENG Voiceover]

This video covers the types of artillery weapons used in Donetsk-Avdeevka "flareup", where they hit civilian residential areas and why, the difference between DPR and UAF artillery patterns, and the difference between UAF shelling patterns in 2014 and today

Summary of video:
Due to the frontline passing essentially on the outskirts of Donetsk (and Avdeevka), artillery being fired out of/into city limits is somewhat inevitable. The armies try to set their positions some distance from residential areas (i.e. use empty fields, parks, and industrial areas within their cities), but that's not always possible - meaning some stray shells hitting residential areas during "normal" combat actions is an unfortunate reality. Nearly 100% of DPR army hits on residential areas and over 50% of UAF areas are next to empty fields and probable enemy positions.
However, there is a sizeable number of UAF artillery hits deep in residential areas of Donetsk (among them - two schools, three hospitals, two mines - which leaves workers stranded underground). Also, even when UAF shells land in the vicinity of frontline, they tend to land much further from it (DPR stray shells look to be at most 200m from their intended targets, whereas there are plenty of UAF "strays" up to 500m from frontline). Overall, in 4 days before video was made, DPR hit residential areas 20 times, whereas UAF hit residential areas over 100 times.
Still, for UAF this is a marked improvement over 2014, when shelling was completely random and widely viewed as a terror tactic to force the populace to surrender or leave.



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Location: Donetsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

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