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Al-Qaeda Cell Inside 'Free Syrian Army' Posts Video Blowing Up Brothers Of 'Pigs' And 'Monkeys'
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Filmed in Daraa by an Al-Qaeda cell inside the 'Free Syrian Army'. There are several cells in the 'Free Syrian Army' which are part of Al-Qaeda, and this is one of them. It is called the Brigade of Al-Muthana Bin Harithah.

They sing a song which became famous in Iraq as they battled the US occupation for years. The song goes "Blow them up, blow them up, wherever they may be....they are the brothers of pigs and monkeys". And now Al-Qaeda has spread to Syria with the blessing of the pigs and monkeys, and found more pigs and monkeys in Syria.

It does not escape attention that the fight for freedom in Iraq against pigs and monkeys did not exist until the US invaded looking for non-existent WMD.

It is quite amusing that the US regime considers those who call them pigs and monkeys to be terrorists (in Iraq, but not Syria).

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