Was the Weather Underground FAKE? - Bill Ayers Terror Finaly Exposed


Bill Ayers is to many the ORIGINAL American terrorist. Why, then, has he never been prosecuted for his admitted crimes? Why does he strut so smugly and confidently across national television, yet luxuriate in wealth obtained from the 'system' he once vowed to DESTROY? Could it all be due to the fact that Bill Ayers - and the Weather Underground he headed - were merely a charade?

Bill Ayers once referred in a PBS documentary to his 'actions' as "street theater." Was he telling us more of the truth than we realized?

Now that Bill Ayers' Chicago man Barack Obama is illegally in the White House, might the waves of fake violence terror attacks we now endure, be easily explained through this long partnership? Ayers of terror fame now sheepishly implies some distance between he and Obama - but it is well known that Barack Obama's political career was launched under Ayers' tutelage. Since the terror attacks we endure today with such frequency involve fakery almost universally, might the fact of the Weather Underground being essentially a troupe of Crisis Actors, implicate Ayers as the common diabolical planning element behind BOTH?

What would be happening today, if Ayers had been on the OTHER side of the so-called political spectrum? What if Ayers had been carrying a Gadsen flag, rather than hammer-and-sickle, while bombing government buildings and issuing terror threats to the entire country? If he had been 'fighting' in the cause of Liberty, would he still be walking the streets and enjoying a posh life at government expense? And if not, who does that suggest he might have really been working for?


Proof that the FBI supplied guns to the Black Panthers:

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