Space Shuttle Challenger Was Bombed in 1986 - Truth Told

My name is Nancy Ruth Owens (O-Rings, get it?) This was in 1986 when my father, who once worked at NASA during the Apollo 11 mission, picked me up from my 8th Avenue Apartment in Gainesville, Florida, a few years before we, Danny Rollins and myself, began killing University of Florida college students for the still very active Medellin Cartel. A few years prior, I had attempted to get help from Bill Clinton only to be, along with my 14--yr old brother, viciously raped by Clinton. What am I saying here? I'm saying the Clintons could have prevented the Challenger bombing. Instead, they aligned with the cartel. Think about it.


By: Nancy Owens (92.80)

Tags: Clinton, Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986, Nancy Owens

Location: Syria