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Tribute to the Fallen

November 30th 2009 being the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Russian attack on Finland, I had planned put together some kind of video tribute to commemorate the start of the "Winter War". Nuff said, here's the wiki-link, if you are interested:

After watching many videos on the subject of Finland's wars posted here in LiveLeak and other sites, I decide More..d to make something different, a tribute to those, who died defending Finland in our wars 1939-1945. There's enough edits of old war footage around, no need for me to compile another one.

This video will propably appeal only to the finnish LiveLeakers, if anybody. I must be in some kind of patriotic ferver... well... **rolls his eyes**

I dedicate this video not only to Finnish, but to all the fallen of all the wars of all nations. Rest In Peace.

- Yes, I was talking to you russians

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