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God Bless George Galloway....Owns U.S. Senate (Not hard Really lol)

When it comes to fooling the U.S. Citizens well it is quite
easy (or it seems that way). They seem to believe any rubbish that comes
from their Hollywood Story Makers; OOPS sorry (Freudian Slip)......Their
Politicians. It was a sorry day when they messed with this very
articulate and intelligent guy. George for PRIME MINSTER OF THE U.K.
Please George get into power and cut all the Master Puppeteers strings
from the U.K. We do not want to be involved in their War Crimes and lies any

I really worry about the U.S.A. Don't you have any non
inbred mutants that can run your Country? America is a great Country (or
at least once was). come on get some real cool guys in power and get rid
of these total lying fools of whom give America and its Citizens a bad name.

No apology for uploading this video. It needs to be
seen now and in the future.

Added: Jan-23-2012 Occurred On: Jan-23-2012
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