Hell on Earth: Migrants chant "fuck you" in Fiery Inferno as they burn down Calais "Jungle" camp

Footage has emerged of the Calais Jungle looking like a scene from a dystopian movie: The camp is engulfed in flames while migrants let off fireworks and yell “fuck you!”. Migrants have refused French offers for proper "refugee" shelters as it would ruin their chances to enter the UK, as it requires fingerprints and applying for asylum in France. In frustration, they have set their tents on fire, promising to cause further devastation on nearby factories and the highway.

Reports suggest approximately 300 migrants also attacked police on the local highway in the early hours of this morning.

Last week the French government expelled around one third of the 6,000 residents of The Jungle, moving them to nearby accommodation which had been purpose-built at a cost of €20 million (£15.4m), providing the migrants with proper beds, showers, electricity and heating.

One Iraqi migrant told reporters: “Personally, I wouldn’t go because they are requiring fingerprints and they are forcing us to stay in France to apply for asylum which we are not happy to do.”