SDF/YPG making huge gains in Hasakah province with US air support. Daeshbag pigs stronghold Al Shadadi surrounded. 7 videos

The kurds and their allies captured the huge "Jabiseh oilfield". Al Shadadi is also well known in fat saudi wahhabi pigs circles as biggest slave market for Ezidi-girls. When Al Shadadi and surrounding is liberated, Jazira Canton will be allmost Daeshbag-free. Führer Erdolf will not be amused.
This was a real blitz-krieg since SDF liberated 48 villages in just 4 days. And look how the arabs welcome their liberators. So much to ethnical cleansing. Fuck Turkey, fuck Erdolf and fuck Glogluglu;amp;lon=40.7309678&z=12&l=3&m=b



By: ide3 (587.20)

Tags: Syria, Rojava, Turkey, US, Hasakah, Al Shadadi, SDF, YPG, YPJ, Al Sanadid, Daeshbags, child rapers, islamist fascists

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