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Fascist Salafist Army arrests Sheik Hassan Seif Addin just before his beheading
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Hassan Seif Addin, an elderly Sheik who never carried a weapon that's how Fascist Salafist Army treated him before beheading him

Syria: FSA Beheaded Sheikh Hassan Seif Addin in Aleppo

When Sheikh Hassan Seif Addin, the Imam of AlHassan mosque, refused to call for Jihad, the FSA killed him.

Later they maimed the body, beheaded him and hang the head from the minaret he used to call people for prayers from.

The minaret where FSA hanged the Sheik’s head, the head can be vaguely seen.

The murder happened in Sheikh Maqsood – Aleppo. Aleppo’s Oqaf (Islam Affairs) called for the Syrian Arab Army to stop such crimes and to restore peace to Syria.

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Location: Aleppo, Aleppo Governorate, Syria (load item map)
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