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Al-Qaeda's 007: The world's most wanted cyber-jihadist

When police raided a flat in West London in October 2005, they arrested a young man, originally from Morocco, called Younes Tsouli. They had no idea, at the time, just how significant he was.

By Gordon Corera
BBC News security correspondent

From his bedroom on an ordinary road in Shepherds Bush, he had become one of the most notorious cyber-jihadists in the world.

The story of Younis Tsouli, or Terrorist 007 as he styled himself, reveals how virtual terrorist networks can emerge out of sight of the authorities and not only radicalise the young online but also help them carry out terrorist attacks.

Tsouli had begun browsing the web for extremist material but quickly became much more than an observer. He took on the user name of Irhabi 007 - Irhabi meaning Terrorist in Arabic.

He began posting advice on hacking and uploaded extremist propaganda but soon began to try

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