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Fact Sheet: Al Qaeda in Iraq

Today, President Bush Spoke To The Airmen Of The 437th And 315th Airlift Wings In Charleston, South Carolina. The President praised them for their courageous service and described America’s primary enemy in Iraq—al Qaeda in Iraq.
Since September 11, 2001, Airmen Of Team Charleston Have Deployed Across The Globe In Support Of The War On Terror. Their efforts in global airlift are saving lives and bringing security to our country. America is grateful for their courage in the cause of freedom.
The Al Qaeda Terrorists We Face In Iraq Are Part Of The Same Enemy That Attacked The United States On 9/11, And They Still Intend To Attack Us At Home. While there is a debate in Washington about al Qaeda’s role in Iraq, the facts are that al Qaeda in Iraq is an organization founded by foreign terrorists, led largely by foreign terrorists, and loyal to Osama bin Laden.
Al Qaeda In Iraq’s Founder

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Added: Nov-14-2007 
By: Dat1111
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