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DHS Checkpoint Blog Entry 13: What A Riot...

November 5, 2008:

While Eastbound on SR86 in Southern Arizona, over 40 miles North of the Southern border, I was stopped, seized and searched by armed Homeland Security agents at an internal suspicionless drug checkpoint. The agents know who I am so had no basis to seize me at what is allegedly an immigration checkpoint. Nonetheless that didn't stop Agent C. LeBlanc from conducting a search by running his drug sniffing dog on and around my vehicle absent consent or probable cause.

Additionally, the stopping agent at primary was carrying an FN 303 'riot control' semi-automatic projectile launcher. See:

Since such a weapon makes little tactical sense at the primary stop location of an interior checkpoint along a public highway, I figure its primary purpose must be for general intimidation and harassment. Unless of course the Border Patro

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