Far-right Greek politician punches a 12 year old girl and then attempts to pull a gun out

Γιώργος Γερμενής (Giorgos Germenis)
lawmaker from Greece’s extreme-right 'Golden Dawn' party allegedly tried
to punch the mayor of Athens on Thursday, swinging at him but reportedly
missing and hitting a 12-year-old girl instead. The mayor also said Mr. Germenis
had a gun tucked into the back of his waist band and attempted to pull the weapon out.
The Mayor's security guards pinned the lawmaker against a wall before marching him out of the building.

Greek media said the blow intended for Mr. Kaminis ended up hitting a
girl, leaving her with a bruised forehead, but no serious injuries.

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does this sound a little too familiar?
let me refresh your memory(click to view the GIF in motion):

also the press correspondent and politician of 'Golden Dawn',
Ηλίας Κασιδιάρης(Elias Kasidiaris) who was not present when the assault happened,
insists that the mayor is lying about everything to get more votes,
that Giorgos Germenis never had a gun tucked on his back or that he never punched a girl
and the police had no right to escort Giorgos Germenis away from the location
after he allegedly pulled a gun. 'Golden Dawn' will be pressing charges
for this action against the ΕΛ.ΑΣ(Greek Police) for his unjustified removal from the premises.

"even if you watch that video, do you see any gun?" Elias Kasidiaris insists

the video evidence however suggests the far opposite where Giorgos Germenis
is heard saying "don't worry, my gun is (now back) in position"
while he can be seen struggling to either adjust it or get it out just moments before,
all while the Mayor's bodyguards were trying to sustain him pinned to a wall.
so even if he didn't use the gun or had any intention in using it,
he admits having a gun tacked to his back something that Elias Kasidiaris
still insists it's a corrupted manufactured lie by the mayor

this is not the first time Elias Kasidiaris has insisted something with clear evidence
to be entirely fabricated and this is not the first time one of this party's politicians/followers
have had troubles with the law, including Elias Kasidiaris' own multiple charges over the years for:
violence,discrimination attacks,illegal gun possession and use and even mugger charges.

one of Elias Kasidiaris' most recent attacks caught on video
can be viewed publicly when he douched a woman politician with water
after her "you and your group have taken Greece back 5 thousand years" comment
and then immediately also slapped another woman politician across the face
on a very heated TV appearance. he exited the studio and then
went hiding for weeks avoiding arrest and charges.

video evidence of the attempt to pull the weapon out:
("put the gun down!","don't worry, my gun is (now back) in position"
father is also heard saying "look what you did to my daughter you scumbag!")

other than a politician of the Far-right party, Giorgos Germenis is also
the bass player of a Greek/Norwegian black metal group called 'Naer Mataron',
he likes to be called by the nickname "Καιάδας" (kaiádas)
which is a existing pit or underground cavern at Sparta,
where Spartans used to throw their defective babies or prisoners left for dead.
Giorgos Germenis is also the man who cause a lot of media hype
after forcing a room full of reporters to stand up and be still when the
'Golden Dawn's leader entered the room to give a press conference.

a few variety photos of Mr.Germenis as "Καιάδας":