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AZ Massacre Hero Educates Geraldo on What a Responsible Gun Owner Does

After this long evening, this is a palate cleanser to me. Geraldo previously mashed his chompers with leftist Sheriff Clarence Dupnik about how Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin are wholly responsible for the Arizona massacre in Pima County yesterday. Refreshingly, one of the witnesses to Saturday's event, Joe Zamudio, a responsible gun owner, spoke to Geraldo on Sunday night.

Joe was one of the heroes who held douchebag Jared Loughner down while awaiting the arrival of the police. And guess what else? Joe is a registered gun ower and carrier, and as he ran out of the Safeway, he heard all the people screaming "SHOOTER! SHOOTER!" He first thought about shooting him with his (lawfully-carried) gun, but when he saw the dirtbag was being held down already, he realized no lethal force was necessary at that point, and that he could contain the prick until the cops came. He now also recognizes

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