A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto - Part 2

camosilver - Dec 2006
"This is my 2nd video featuring Detroit's ghetto. It was filmed entirely in December 2006, last time I visited Detroit. I am originally from Detroit (suburbs) by the way, I lived there my whole life until I moved to Florida in 2004... so don't be the jackass that says I made a video of Detroit and don't know anything about the city.

Like ANY city, Detroit has it's good and bad areas... these are the bad areas. THAT IS THE POINT OF THIS VIDEO, to show the worst ares of Detroit. Every city has rundown neighborhoods, but no city I have ever seen or heard of in the US is as bad as Detroit, at least when it comes to the PHYSICAL DETERIORATION of the buildings and infrastructure that make up the CITY of Detroit.

I HAVE NO INTENTIONS TO FILM NICE AREAS OF DETROIT, so please, keep those comments to yourself. If YOU think that would actually make an interesting video, then do it yourself.

To all the people who keep saying "this ain't da ghetto, there ain't no people", there are people living RIGHT NEXT DOOR to these homes, and in some cases, IN THEM. Just because you don't see many people walking around, doesn't mean that they aren't there. It simply means I had enough common sense not to point a camera at people who already don't like me being there, let alone filming them!"
- video encodings still in process -