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Glenn Beck’s a Libertarian Now

It’s not enough that Fox News’ resident COINTELPRO operative Glenn Beck led the charge and sabotaged the election campaign of Ron Paul — calling him a kook and his supporters dangerous terrorists — now he is determined to sabotage and take down libertarians.

Glenn Beck is like Midas — except everything he touches does not turn to gold. It turns to another unmentionable substance.

In the video clip below, taken from Beck’s radio show last week, the great actor and PSYOP chameleon apologized to the libertarians for dissing them in the past. He now claims that he is one of them and says he’d like to re-examine the issues he used to criticize and sabotage Ron Paul’s election campaign.

Beck says the imperialism of the U.S. government and the Democrat and Republican parties “has caused a lot of problems.” He wants to bring the troops home from Korea, Japan, Eu

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