Aliens on the Planet Earth - Nature Magazine about Comb Jellies

Our search for aliens - animals whose structure differs significantly from those found on Earth - may be over.

Nature Magazine published paper yesterday, a research conducted by Leonid Moroz in which he and his team found out that comb jellies posses a different type of nervous system that is totally different from the ones found in all other animals.

The nervous system of all known animals evolved from a single ancestor. Humans, rats and fish all had the same ancestor in that regard. If aliens were to study life on our planet, this is how they would identify earthlings.

But not comb jellies. They are different. While other branches of animals all share one path, the comb jellies took a different one. They don't use serotonin, dopamine and other known chemicals (which are the chemicals released when you take drugs).

"This paper proves, on a genomic basis, they're truly aliens," said
University of Florida neurobiologist Leonid Moroz, whose team spent
seven years unraveling the genetics behind comb jellies' neural

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