Statement From Liveleak Regarding IS Beheading Videos which might be upcoming
Please read BEFORE commenting and keep in mind we have NOT removed the James Foley video. This is not about that video.

The last 24 hours have been a fairly intense affair here on LiveLeak given the sheer volume of traffic we've dealt with from people looking for the James Foley beheading video. This has also raised some issues and concerns which we have had several meetings about regarding the entire situation.

The actual video concerned does not show the beheading of James Foley although it does show a graphic image of the aftermath. We chose to show it because it's within our remit to show such items given this is an outrageous and horrific act carried out by a movement in the Middle East hellbent on conquest, death and destruction. Setting aside how IS came to be, setting aside who fund them, setting aside the fact the world only seems to care now that they are killing "our" people as opposed to simply slaughtering other Arabs who might not be the 'right kind of Muslim'. We thought it was important to show this video and allow those who chose to view it the right to do so.

From there we discussed the possibilities which lie ahead. There is every chance - given the rumours of hostage stockpiling currently doing the rounds - that we could see a return to the dark times of 2004/5 when beheadings happened with an alarming and depressing regularity. It's this which prompted us to make a decision, a decision some of you might not care for but hopefully you'll at least understand.

We will not be showing further beheadings carried out by IS. We've shown the world the true horror of this form of execution more than once in the past and we cannot find any compelling reason to even be thought of as promoting the actions of this group. We know they do not find support here on LL and that condemnation is virtually universal but there is no reason at all to show more
beheadings. Nothing changes about them, they're still relentlessly grim and no deeper insight will be offered by descending into some grotesque "beheading of the week" scenario.

This does not mean we won't continue to show graphic media should we deem it reasonable to do so, we will continue despite the regular condemnation, in other words for the most part nothing is going to change. We will not be making publicity driven moves to ban people for trying to upload the media or posting screenshots to discuss it. We simply will not host further beheadings from IS. Some of you will not be happy about this and we are still fully supportive of your right to view this media should you wish and many outlets will be only too happy to have you do so at their site. But our belief in your rights to view whatever you wish do not override our rights to not host it here on LL.

We're also aware some of you will claim this is hypocritical given our history and our continuing to host graphic media but we've never hosted every graphic murder or beheading uploaded to our site and we are simply applying this to IS videos. We will still allow, and encourage, reports on these events and, perhaps more importantly, discussion.

Keep in mind, this is not us putting an end to all graphic media nor us saying no beheading will ever turn up on LL in the future. This is us saying we will not have regular beheadings from IS on the site if things go that way.

You can comment below this and we'll answer where we can. All being well traffic wise we will have a live discussion tonight where you can call in via Skype or E-mail in on this whole situation. Details will be posted later on.

**Note from Hayden,

I've read most of the comments and replied to as many as I've been able. We'll let you know if we can go ahead with a live stream tonight so you can put your questions and points across directly via e-mail and Skype. Sorry I couldn't answer more of your comments directly.


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