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Air Force Systems Command. Todays Technology (1984)

Interesting video about early 80s hi tech. Some seriously advanced 3d graphics for teh 80s are shown in a flight simulator.

This video made me wonder (pretty much as usual) what 'AFSC. Todays Technology' staff briefing video would contain in 2012.

What do you think? Plasma Stealth? Neural Network computers? Still trying to perfect the airbourne laser (which has gone suspiciously dark in the last few years, when it used to be in the open. You may have seen the 747 they fitted with a giant laser), maybe various types of optical camouflage for aircraft and land vehicles (yes invisibility cloaks are real now).

The skys the limit with the sort of computing power available nowadays.

I suppose we will find out when I post 'Air Force Material Command. Todays Technology (2012)' in 2030.

See you then!

Added: Aug-16-2012 
By: gnark1ll
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