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Krystle Campbell - ALIVE - Boston Fake Bombing Star Exposed

Boston Marathon "Bombing" Anniversary Special!

Krystle Campbell, supposedly "killed" at the Boston Fake Bombing, is alive. Surprisingly, it does not seem she has gone into hiding, or even changed her life very much. In fact, it turns out the public face of Krystle was merely a cultivated partially faked diversionary persona, propped up by a little bit of fake history and a temp job, and almost nothing more.

After the "bombing", she just dropped her temp job, and returned to her normal activities. Al this is made clear with the evidence the film presents.

Krystle is a finance hack in real life, like so many other PR hacks, military contractor volunteer fakes, and various "financial services" cons who participate in faked events.

This is the first in a two-part series exposing Krystle for w

Added: Apr-15-2014 
By: livingonplanetZ
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