Dash-Cam Footage of Speeding Cop Who Killed Pedestrian

The city's accident reconstruction team estimated the officers speed to be in excess of 100 mph. Supposedly, the officer sees a speeding car, does a u-turn, then chases him ..... incident occurs about halfway through video.

The problem with that theory is (1) No emergency lights (2) No siren (3) Didn't call it in to dispatch (4) During the 'chase', the officer comes to a complete stop, then guns it - as if he's doing a 0-60 or 0-100 mph test.

Long story short, the officer was suspended for 2 months with pay and is now back to work full time. So for violating department policy of no lights/siren and killing a pedestrian, he gets a paid vacation.

I know some of you may point out that the guy was jaywalking (running), but you have to admit, had the cop upheld the department's rules and regulations, the guy would still be alive. Remember, it's the police that are the ones who are supposed to uphold the laws and set examples for the rest of us to live by.

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